• Yoga for Schools (kinder to grade 2), children are led on exciting, high energy adventures that they bring to life through yoga inspired postures, voice, and the magic of imagination. Children are encouraged to focus on their experience, in the present moment, reinforcing the non-competitive, all-ability nature of our yoga classes, improving self esteem, confidence and self compassion. Exercises in breath awareness and paying attention to the senses, creates ways that children can bring mindfulness into their daily lives, encouraging them to be more aware of their whole experience, with curiosity, openness and acceptance.
  •  Family yoga allows parents and children to nurture their relationship with each other, have a lot of fun (parents get to find their own playful inner child), and establish a practical toolkit and a common language about ways they can bring yoga and mindfulness into their family life.
  • Mindful Schools Curriculum (Mindful Schools or Kidsmatter websites) for schools and kindergartens – K – Year 12. Basic mindfulness life skills imparted in a 16 module program that enhances any school curriculum – “tuning the instrument of learning”. Classes are run in short 15 minute lessons and are adapted to fit the school schedule (can be run once or twice a week over a few weeks, term, or year long). Teachers are encouraged to continue practicing moments of mindfulness using these techniques after completion of the program – even 30 seconds of mindful breathing during transition times can improve the overall classroom environment, students’ learning and student/teacher experience of wellbeing.