Lisa has combined her love of yoga and practice of mindfulness with her passion for wanting to make a positive difference in childrens’ lives.

Lisa has been practicing yoga and meditation for 20 years, experiencing many benefits on all levels of mind and body, and how it has improved her quality of life and experience of wellness. A social worker, and meditation teacher, it wasn’t until having her own children, did she really discover how helpful having a personal practice could have on her most important role – ‘Parent’; coping with the daily stresses of being a mum, responding to the needs of her children in a more mindful way, and in sharing in the experience of children being children – the wonder and magic of how children see their world.

Lisa soon found that she wanted to teach her own children yoga and mindfulness in a fun and creative way. After 2 years of owning a children’s yoga franchise, Lisa realised that her initial intentions were not being realised and that her own children were her best teachers and could provide the experience, and inspiration for developing classes that fit the needs of children in a way that was more meaningful, relevant and creative.  As a result, Yoga Bubbles has emerged, incorporating the benefits of yoga postures with breathing techniques and mindfulness practice. More recently, Lisa has completed  the Mindful Schools curriculum training, which has further enhanced her ability to provide a ‘toolkit’ of mindful moments for children, parents and teachers to incorporate into their daily lives.

Lisa is currently delivering classes at community centres, kindergartens, child care centres and schools – starting small but hopeful to bring the benefits of yoga and mindfulness to as many children as possible.


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